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Ambergris Caye, Belize-Our Honeymoon

On our way to Chetumal, Mexico (near the border of Belize)
via the ADO bus (next 5 pictures). 4 hour bus ride.

Welcome to Chetumal, Mexico!

Welcome to Corozal, Belize (border town)

Border check

Waiting in line at the Belize border with people from our bus.

Mexican border side.

Seems out of place when you enter Belize,
as everything kinda looks like the next picture!

The bus we took from Chetumal to the border looked kinda like this!

Two guys that took us on the bus and argued non-stop
in some language we couldn't figure out.

Immigration building in Belize.

Tropic Air airport. No, I'm NOT kidding!

Tropic Air reservation desk. He let me call A.C. for our ride, nice!

Small plane!! 8 seats including the 2 piliot seats.

Tropic Air airport from the outside.

Plane trip was 20 minutes and we only went up 600 feet.

Photos from our condo.

Paw print in the tile in our condo. Cute!

Next 9, cool restaurant on the beach, Estel's.
Known for good breakfast and fry jacks.

Not too nice of a bathroom in Estel's though.

Misc. photos from around Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Fire station

The local Belekin beer was great!

This fisherman was peeing, but I was too late with the camera.

We went to a local chili cookoff at Crazy Canuck's bar.

Stingray!! How did Adam see this?!

Local bakery that we walked a long way to find and almost
all of the roads to it looked like the next picture.

Local restaurant off the beaten path: El Fagon. Nothing like the Fagon in Playa. We learned that fagon is a type of grill or the way they cook the food on it (seen behind me).

It looked like this most of the time we were there, but it was relaxing.

Tropic Air airport in Ambergris Caye.

How cool would it be to live here with 8 of your favorite people?!

Mexican border.

Mexican officials doing what they do best...flirting with the girl in the car.

Yum, we were ready for some Mexican food again!
Belize food wasn't the same!

Mexican military base.